Wednesday 12th October 2016

Bible Study with Edwin Ashcroft
Over the next three sessions Edwin will be talking about some of the 35 parables
Tonight he spoke about Luke 5 27. Jesus was eating with his disciples in the house of Levi and the Pharisees came and asked why he was eating and more especially in the house of a tax collector whilst John and his followers were fasting? Jesus replied with three answers
He asked why not make friends of the bridegroom whilst he is still with you – it will be time to fast when he is taken from you – this was a prediction that he was to be crucified.
Do not take a piece of new cloth to patch old cloth it will not work.
Do not put new wine in old skins or the skins will burst.
He was telling them that the old ways were good but were of John and the old testament – he had come to bring new ways they were to love one another and not try to mix old with new – they were to move on – God had sent his son to show them how to do this which he did by means of parables – it had been predicted in the old testament that he would speak in parables Isaiah 30 v 21
“your ears will hear a voice behind you saying This is the way, walk in it etc…”
they were now being told by Jesus to listen to his voice – to throw away the old and take on the new. God did not want sacrifices of lambs he had sent his son to be the final sacrifice – The Lamb of God.
If we today are to be Christians we must move forward following where Christ has led us.

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