Harvest Festial 9th Oct.2016

Unfortunately due to her young daughter being taken ill the General Secretary was unable to take our service today however our Minister Suzanne Nockels kindly stepped in.
How do you know when a fruit is ripe ???
Various answers depending on the fruit itself.
Autumn is the season of fruitfulness – Harvest comes each year without fail it is to be relied on – so is God and his goodness.

Luke 9 v 10 Jesus feeds a great crowd
The disciples wanted to buy food to feed the crowd but Jesus blessed the loaves and fish and there was enough and plenty left over.
Revelations 18 v10
Jerusalem was destroyed and the merchants wept for loss of custom
Most things today are at a cost – but we must always remember that what God gives is given freely the air we breath, the water we drink etc. No one has a right to them more than anyone else.

Thought for today – !How can you give freely ???

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