Sunday 28th August 2016

Leader: Darryl Lomas
Readings: Luke 9 v 50-56

“Who ever is not against us is for us…”

Darryl began by talking about his love of ‘Sheffield Wednesday’. Although all supporters love their team they support in different ways and don’t always agree with each other. Different factions develop. The same can be said of the Church. Different dominations are within the church and often lead to conflict and disagreement. Even within one church disagreement can occur. People like to think their way is the ‘right way’. Darryl went on to discuss the Bible passage “whoever is not against us is for us”. Although people have very different opinions it doesn’t make them against us. We can have different ideas and ways of worship but we still need to work together. One straw is very weak a bundle of straws holds strong. In today’s world Christians need to work together and allow, even celebrate the differences. Working in different ways but with the same aim.
When Jesus walked into the Samaritan village in Luke 9 he wasn’t welcome. His disciples were incensed but Jesus rebuked them, and asked to walk on by and accept the situation.. Sometimes we need to accept we cannot make things go ‘our way’. A lesson to be used in today’s world.

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