Sunday Worship – August 29th

This service was taken by Darryl and featured more favourite hymns chosen by the Congregation. His theme was based around a sign he saw while driving through Bradford which read Live Simply, Talk Kindly, Love Unconditionally.

Darryl spoke about each of these in turn (with hymns in between) and illustrated each talk with a range of biblical readings.

For the Live Simply bit he talked about the fact that we are all relatively comfortable and many of us  tend to go out and buy things that we don’t really need.  As for Speak Kindly he reminded us  that this should apply to all our conversations throughout the week, the office gossip just as much as the polite church chat.  He  used the memorable phrase ‘there’s no if’ when speaking about the third part of the sign, Love Unconditionally to sum up the love that we should have for others, even our enemies.

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