Sunday 19th June 2016

Our minister Rev.Suzanne Nockels led the service today

Readings from Psalm 46 & Matthew 24:1-3

In Suzanne’s series of services on prayer she illustrated how limited our grasp of God’s gifts can be by pouring a packet of rice into the cupped hands of a member of the congregation. We should make the most of what we can hold onto and thank God for his grace.

Our prayers of thanksgiving for what we have helps us be brave as it is only when we recognise what we have can we be generous in OUR giving.

In a week of horror in Oklahoma and in Birstall where do we consider safe havens. All our safe havens can be invaded, In Jewish times the safe haven was the Temple and the disciples held the buildings in awe but Jesus said the walls wont stand for ever.

Our bodies can be classed as temples and our ideas of ourselves can be safe and we can retreat inwardly. Church can provide such a place of sanctuary and we must not fear because God is our refuge and strength.

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