Sunday 12th June 2016

Leaders: Rev.Bill and Mrs Betty Bentham
Congregational Sunday
Today we sang hymns written by Congregationalists ..
Isaac Watts -1674-1748
When he was a boy he grumbled about having to sing chants in church and his father said instad of grumbling why didn’t he write something for them to sing – and so he did.
Phillip Dodderidge 1702-1751
wrote his hymns as sermons – none of which were published until after his death.
John Bunyan 1628-1688
Imprisoned for his faith.
The readings for today were
Luke 8 22-25 6-37
There have been things written about the journeys of Paul but no-one seems to have written about the journeys of Jesus Christ who travelled around during his time on earth – each gospel was wriiten by a different person who recounted what they felt were the most important parts of Christ’s journey. The Bible is a commentary not a biography. BUT three of the writers were so impressed with what happened on one journey when Jesus (who was tired) went out in a boat and fell asleep – there arose a great storm and the men in the boat knew what danger they were in, because they were fishermen, so they woke Jesus, and he calmed the storm much to everyones amazement – they thought the answer to their problems was to bail out the boat before it sank – sometimes when we know exactly what should happen in a situation – Jesus comes up with a much better solution if we only listen to him.
When they came to land a possessed man came running towards them – but Jesus calmed him – there was a herd of pigs nearby which ran off and were drowned and the local people felt very angry about this – the pigs were their livelihood and the man had lived in the tombs for a long time – why should the pigs die and the man be saved ??? so they told Jesus to go.
This story tells us not to ask Jesus to solve our problems if we cannot cope with the result. Trust Him – he knows far better than us what is the answer to our problems – just ask.

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