Sunday 17th April 2016

Leader : Margaret Wells
Keith and Margaret did a little drama showing the difference between an old time shepherd and a modern way of running a sheep farm – one showed love for the sheep – the other was high tec.
But it was interesting that the modern group called themselves Pastoral Carers.
We then heard a modern version of Psalm 23.
Todays reading was John 10 v22-30
Jesus talks of His sheep – He is the good shepherd – he knew each one – he led and they followed – nowadays things are reversed the flock go first.
Can we see ourselves at His sheep – following Jesus who is always at the front. He knows when we stray, he forgives and calls us back.
If we follow the shepherd he will show us the way – how to help where we can, where we are needed. We need to listen for His voice and know what he wants us to do.
Remember Jesus will be there for us all the day and night.

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