Sunday 10th April 2016

Leader: Suzanne Nockels
Keys – we all have keys – for the car/house etc.. For letting people in or for keeping them out?
The Disciples were scared after the crucifiction and locked themselves away – but Jesus appeared with them – a locked door could not keep him out when they needed him.

Reading : Nehemiah 6 v l…
Thee is a force in this world that tries to undermine good things – people try to be manipulating .
Nehemiah is threatened – to try to stop him completing the building of the wall – 5 times this happens to try to wear him down but he resists – he asks God for help and says “why should a man like me run away and hide?”
Hungry – to fill a void in life
Angry – don’t make decisions if you are angry
Lonely – beware of false friends
Success – ask God for help and you will succeed.
Nehemiah would not hide in the temple – he would not stay behind a locked door – he carried on with Gods help and he rebuilt the walls of the city. He finished what he had set out to do – and so can we if we let God help us to overcome any threats or undermining of our intentions.

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