Sunday 7th February 2016

Leader : Suzanne Nockels
Nehemiah continued …..
When you see a small piece of a picture do you know what the whole is like or do you just think you know??
Or are you really bothered ??
Today is Church Action for Poverty Day
Do you know much about the poverty in Sheffield or the world??
We were given some astonishing figures :
How many are in poverty in the UK? 1 in 5 13.5 million
How much does a family of 2 adults and 2 children need to have a minimum standard of living ? £20,000
How much is the national living wage ? £14,974
Benefit fraud amounted to 1.5 billion but tax fraud by companies and wealthy people amounted to 10 billion.
Did you know the whole picture of this poverty or just a small piece?
Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to see what needed to be done for himself Ch.2
He needed to see the whole picture
Nehemiah 2 17 3 13
He set about, with the help of money from the King, to organise the rebuilding of the walls and this makes very interesting reading ao many different people were offering to build part of the wall – the priests a perfumier a goldsmith etc. etc. built different sections.
But some had doubts – in life there are always people who have doubts about what others are doing. Nehemiah spoke to them about God being a higher power whio was with them and would support what they were doing.
Rebuilding was hard work – for most it was not their everyday work but they wanted to do it – in life we sometimes need to do work that is out of our comfort zone but if it needs to be done with Gods help we can do it.
Nehemiah has been called “the Property Developer of his time” He inspired others to do the work. There are things we want/plan to do and ask for Gods help – we need also to ask ourselves who do we ask to help – who do we include or who do we leave out?? is it up to us to decide ?? We need to see the whole picture not just our little piece of it.
And when the work is finished we MUST give God the glory and not expect it for ourselves.

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