Bible Study 20 January 2016

We were posed three questions by our Minister Suzanne concerning the first Chapter of the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, in particular the prayers of Nehemiah.
1. What was our ruined Jerusalem?
2. How committed are you to praying for it?
3.How can you pray more like Nehemiah?

The group considered the questions and discussed the elements of effective prayer and a number of methods of prayer:
The mnemonic ACTS = Adoration, Confession, Thanks, Supplication.
Julian of Norwich showing with our hands awaiting, allow, accept, attend.
Using our hand to formulate our prayers with the thumb representing those nearest to us, the index finger reminding us of teachers, doctors etc., the middle finger of those in authority, the weaker ring finger of the sick or vulnerable and lastly the little finger for self.

There was general agreement that structured prayer may be alright in a group or formal occasion but not in our personal prayers.

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