Sunday 17th January 2016

Leader: Rev Suzanne Nockels
Julian of Norwich 14th C lived in one room with one window onto street and the other into the church. She left many writings and prayers. Her theme is Await Allow Accept Attain four things to form your prayers around.
“Those who wait on the Lord will regain their strength”

Nehemiah 1 3 -10 ch 2 1-3
Nehemiah was a manager – he was an important man in the court of Persia he heard the news – exiles can go back to Jerusalem a city without walls in ruins. He has not been to Jerusalem but he is concerned about it and he prays to God – first of all he praises God – then he lists failings and takes responsibility for them. Do we take responsibility for the failings of others?? Do we leave it to Christ to take them all?? God has not given up on his people and Nehemiah knows this he prays for something to be done to help Jerusalem – then he goes to the Emperor to ask for help would we dare to do that? We cannot always be in control we need help we need prayer.

Thought for the week ahead ..

Who/what is my ruined Jerusalem

How committed am I to praying for it ?

How can I pray more like Nehemiah ?

“Are we weak and heavy laden
cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Saviour still our refuge,
take it to the Lord in prayer!”

Bible study on Wednesday 20th will continue this theme

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