Sunday 10th January 2016

Leader: Darryl Lomas (Church Secretary)
Reading : Isaiah 2 1-4
Matthew 2 7-11
Matthew 27 3-8
The link between all three readings is metal
1. changing swords into ploughshares
2. Three wise men gold
3. Judas 30 pieces of silver
Over recent times there have been problems in the metal industry in the British Isles areas and people have suffered – in Sheffield some are on short time or wondering if they can keep open – but there is hope.
How is steel made …all types of scrap metal are thrown into a furnace and melted down – then the rubbish is taken out and things added to the remaining good stuff to make it even better.
When we follow Jesus there may be greed, envy, hate, in our lives but there is also love and kindness – he sorts out the bad from the good and adds more of His love.
We are all forged for good or bad – He will refine us if we ask Him. After wars the weapons are put into a furnace and melted down – some are made into medical instruments, cutlery etc. We can be recycled – God can do it – and when we are it is up to us to try to recycle others – to help other people to get rid of the bad in their lives and add more to the good. God gives everyone a second chance – take yours now if you have not already done so.

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