Sunday 6th December 2015

Leader :
Rev Alan Hindmarch
Readings :Malachai 3 1-4
Luke 3 1-6
There was a voice calling in the wilderness “Prepare the way for the Lord”
Godspell tells the story of Christ but it is not complete until he comes again
At the time of Christ there was confusion some could not accept that an ordinary man could possibly be the Messiah and even today there is confusion and despair – will he ever come again??
Live your life in such a way that people will respect you whatever your background It is how we live how we love that matters.
Seeking to make lives better is how we can prepare the way.

Today we lit the second candle on the advent ring.

Today was also Gift Sunday we brought gifts for the Good News Home in Buxton and play equipment for a school in Huddersfield also gifts of money for a Christian puppet group who go round schools in the Huddersfield area.

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