Sunday Worship 25th October 2015

Leader: Rev Suzanne Nockels
Psalm 139
The first reading of this psalm was a different version to our pew bibles then we read the psalm again from pew bibles and thought which verse gave us the most comfort – then again which verse was most worrying for us.
God is a very personal God as shown by the choice of different verses
John 1 – 35 -51
The first two who followed were Jesus were John’s followers one of whom was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother – he spent time with Jesus and then went to find his brother to come and join them. Jesus then called Phillip to follow him and Phillip in turn asked Nathanial to come but he was sceptical and said “Does any good thing ever come from Nazareth?”
Following on the theme of invitations we see from this that “Come and See” is a wonderful invitation – Jesus calls us all to do just that.
As we read in the psalm God knows us better than we know ourselves he knows our every thought he is in our personal space – he makes us feel vulnerable – trust in Him – come and see.

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