HARVEST SERVICE 27th September 2015

Leader Suzanne Nockels
Readings : Isaiah 55 1-5 John 7 37-44
MILK – what do we use it for? in tea, custard, rice pudding etc. what is the cost of milk before we get it ? farmer, transport, management.
CHOCOLATE – what do we use it for ? celebrations, comfort, treats What is the cost? Labour, cocoa beans, transport
WATER what do we use it for? drinking, washing,
Cost? Priceelss, cant survive without it.
All things have uses and worth but most cost money, time, labour
God provides – he gives freely love, forgiveness, peace, healing.
Don’t try to pay him back just accept and be glad.

God says – come – all invited – he is generous
Some things bought with money don’t give lasting satisfaction – what God gives has long lasting satisfaction.
Water, wine, milk come drink and live
There is mention of water in the bible – spiritual water refreshes, cleanses and cools.
Wine is mentioned in the bible spiritual wine reminds us of the blood shed for us.
Milk is also mentioned – a land flowing with milk and honey. Spiritual growth.
Jesus said that anyone who is thirsty should come to him – come and drink and take Him into your life.
Try and drink from God have a sample of what he offers – give out some samples to others with His love.

The church looked lovely and it was good to see so many people there.
The goods brought will be taken to the S6 food bank.

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