13th September 2015

Leader: Ray Bridden (from Bakewell)
Readings: Psalm 150 – Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord
Acts 17 v 16 Paul in Athens

Ray played the guitar and sang a lovely solo “I am yours, now and forever”
The breath of God
In Genesis 2 v 7 God breathed the breath of life into Adam
We take breathing for granted – how many breaths do you think you have taken since you were born???
In Ezekial we read about the dry bones – they were put together but did not live until they had breath. Without breath there would be no life for any of us. When God gave breath he also gave a soul and freedom of choice.
The purpose of breath is to praise Him. We sing All things praise him we should mean it.
Paul told the Athenians God gave breath to all
Give God the glory Praise His name

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