Sunday 6th September 2015

Leader: Suzanne Nockels
If you are planning a party what do you need ?
food, decorations, music – but firstly you need invitations and people, Suzanne’s theme for the next few services is “God’s Invitation” So we will be inviting anyone who wishes to join us to come to our celebrations of Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas. We do not wish to “poach” anyone from any other church but there are events which would not do this.
Today’s reading was Matthew 14 v 29 – 33
Jesus walks on water
Heros. At some time or another in our lives we have a hero whether it be fictional, historical or someone closer. Does God invite us to have a heroic life, Is Faith a magical word that will make us heroes in other peoples eyes.
There is a saying “If you want to walk on water you have to step out of the boat”
Jesus sent the men out in a boat and then he walked out to them on the water – Peter saw him but before he stepped out of the boat he needed reassurance that it was Jesus he saw – he then stepped out of the boat but he lacked faith and started to sink. How many of us seek reassurance before we attempt anything out of our comfort range – and even when given that we lose faith and fail
Is church like a boat? We are a group who travel life together through calm and stormy seas life is not always pleasant sometimes it can be very difficult – it is just moving forward together. No need for heros – we are all in the same boat.

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