Sunday 21st June 2015

Father’s Day
Leader Suzanne Nockels
Jesus said ” Your Father knows what you need before you ask him”
We were shown pictures of various fathers in various moods and asked “How do you see your Father God?? Some people have good memories of their father others not so good – does Jesus show us The Father – is it “like father like son”
The Sabbath –
readings Exodus 23 10-13
Mark 2 13-22 and Mark 3 1 – 6
What is time?? God gave us time – He formed the day and the night – do we thank God for time? Do we waste time – what is gone can never be re-claimed.
What is your Sabbath?? A day of rest?? How should Christians keep the Sabbath?? – Jesus did not keep strict rules about the Sabbath as did those around him – he healed the man with the withered hand who reached out to him – do we reach out to him?
Set time to build or rebuild relationships.
Take time to rest and recover.
Love takes time
Grief takes time
Forgiveness takes time
God gave us time – think carefully how you use it.

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