Sunday 14th June 2015

Leaders : Rev .Bill and Mrs Betty Bentham (Scunthorpe)
Psalm 136 Thanksgiving “His love is eternal.
Betty talked about “Forward Together” the theme for this year for the Congregational Federation – we must all go forward together – no competition.
Corinthians 12 Share We need each other.
Deuteronomy 8 11 Do not forget the Lord your God.
Luke 8 40-56 Jairus’s daughter the woman with the haemorrhage.
Imagine we are a study group – miracles by faith” Put yourself in Jesus’s shoes …how was he feeling at this time?? He had healed a man of demons and had been rejected – he had been rejected by his own in Nazareth and here he was – surrounded by crowds who had come to be entertained. Then Jairus – a high official – came on the scene – was this to be more hostility? – How do we deal with rejection – how did Jesus deal with it ?? With compassion. Jesus saw this man a father in distress and was on his way to help when the woman touched his cloak – her faith made her whole. Meanwhile the little girl died – Jesus told them to believe. In times of torment and trouble do we believe ??
Jesus went on to the home where the professional mourners laughed at him and once again he was rejected – but he wanted them to see beyond that moment – to see God’s activity in the world – shed light among your fellows – try to do the impossible – show the world there IS A GOD.
he will help to overcome rejection and lead the way forward.

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