Sunday 7th June 2015

Leader: Suzanne Nockels
Who would you invite to join you for a meal???
Jesus and his disciples ate with Levi and other tax collectors. Mark 2 13
Psalm 36 5-9 What is God like??? He is compassionate, always available, the host at the feast. We may all come – its up to you.
Jesus said – “those who are well have no need of a doctor”. Jesus sometimes used puzzling words to get his message across. Old maps are interesting to look at but not much use when you need to get to somewhere now we need new ones to show us landmarks and new roads. We need to think in the here and now not be in the past. Are we behind the times??
Patches – if something has a small hole then its alright to mend this with a patch, but if it is very worn then a patch will make it worse – Get a new garment – are we trying to patch something that is too worn???
Wine – new wine is gassy – it expands and sometimes explodes, an exploding bottle can set off a reaction – be flexible about your view of yourself and God if you are too fixed you could explode – you would waste wine and a wineskin – how adaptable are we in our prayer life, church life and home life???
We must not be afraid

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