Sunday 23rd November 2014

Leader: Suzanne Nockels
Does God push you around as a child pushes a toy car, or does he control you with strings as a puppeteer does, or maybe you are like a blank sheet of paper to be screwed up – OR is your God loving and caring, close to you?
Genesis 2 4-7 God formed man and breathed life into him
John 20 19 Jesus appeared to the disciples “Peace be with you” and he breathed life into them.
Suzanne was once asked by a 13yr old boy- “what’s a soul?” how does one answer that question ? not easy.
Is it the pared down entity of a person as the Hebrews thought?
God breathed into man – he became a human being – we have taken in the breath of God – and so we live. Breathing is essential to life – leave time to breathe in God – to be alive. Prayer is not easy – talk to God – receive his breath. Jesus prayed a lot to his father and at his end he placed his spirit in God’s hands.
Your soul is the essence of you – God will NOT push you around, he will not pull your strings, he will not screw you up – He will love you for ever.
Be aware of your own breathing

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