Sunday Service 16th November 2014

Led by David Carter

Intro  Psalm 117

Reading: John 4: 3-14

Samaritan woman at the well

Text from v13-14

Everlasting life is not simple to attain. The offer of love and forgiveness has to be earnt.

John 1:16  The Grace of God is ours if we recognise what God did for us, sending his Son to die on the cross to save our sins.  It was Jesus’ perfection which meant death could not hold him. We however are not perfect and need to look at ourselves because our sin may disqualify us but remember God will not fail us.

The woman at the well was not in church when she met Christ – she realised he had nothing to raise the water from  the well and Jesus explained his purpose on earth was spiritual water.

Everyone can meet God –  the woman was a Samaritan, avoided by Jews, a sinner on her own and approached by Jesus against all custom.  Despite this Jesus promises forgiveness and everlasting life.

We do not get to know how the meeting affected the woman but are we prepared for such a meeting? Remember we are Christians at all times and live for good but are we growing in faith – consider examining what you do?

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