Sunday 2nd November 2014

Leader : Suzanne Youden
The Secret Church
There are millions of Christians who live in countries where Christianity is forbidden – yet their faith is so strong they still want to worship. They have formed “A Secret Church”
We cannot imagine what it must be like to live in a place where neighbours hate you and spy on what you do, where the Bible is forbidden, where you risk gaol or torture if you speak about anyone or anything in the Bible.
Suzanne and her son did a little sketch – two people meet in a tea room – they talk about “our very good friend” (Jesus) and his father (God) they break a biscuit and spill coffee (the bread and wine).
The secret church meet in cellars, in back rooms, they arrive singly, they have a special knock and password to get in – they do not sing hymns, they do not read aloud, bible passages and hymns are memorised, they risk everything just to be together to worship.
What can we learn from them ?
Do we appreciate our freedom – to meet together, to sing hymns, to read and discuss the Bible?
They work together in love and caring and understanding. Do we?
We should remember them and pray for them.
l Corinthians 12 1-27
We read that we are all part of the one body – no one part is more important than another.
The service concluded with Holy Communion.

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