Sunday 26th October, 2014

Leaders: Rev. Bill and Mrs Betty Bentham
Betty told us a story – a man thought his wife was going deaf, so he stood at the back of the room and asked “can you hear me” – no answer – so he moved closer and asked again – still no answer, he moved closer a third time and asked, then was close behind her and he asked again – she then said “That’s the fourth time you’ve asked me that”
Do we hear – do we listen – do we only hear what we want to hear if we think it is of interest to us?? Do we hear what God has to say to us???
Readings: Mark 4 1-2 35-41
Jesus calms the storm
Jesus had problems, he had busy tiring days the same as all of us -after one such day he wanted to get into the boat and sleep because he was tired -when the storm blew up the fishermen were frightened – they knew the perils of storms on the lake, but Jesus was asleep – they woke him, expecting that he would help them to bale out the boat – but – Jesus calmed the wind and waves – he did not do what the men expected – but he solved the problem.
When they finally reached the shore – a lunatic ran out of the caves and Jesus cured him – he did not say he was tired he did what he felt he had to do – but the people who came out from the town were not happy they didn’t want their lives to be disturbed – they would rather do things their own way – is this us? are we happy to do this – do we want Jesus to change our lives??
Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us different parts of Jesus’ life but all let us know what a busy three years Jesus had before his last visit to Jerusalem to be crucified.
He went around helping – he is still there for us to help today.
Listen – you never know what you might hear.

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