Sunday 12th October 2014

Leader Ray Briddon
Ray accompanied himself on the guitar and sang a lovely solo “Come and stand before me, hold your head up high”
Readings: Exodus 32 1-14
Acts 7 37
The Gold Bull Calf Idol
What’s your idol? Are idols a thing of the past? John tells us to “keep yourselves from idols” and Paul says “flee from idolatory”
The story today starts with the exodus from bondage in Egypt.
God had led them out, parted the Red Sea for them to cross and also provided manna, quail and water for food in the desert. Moses had gone up the mountain to talk with God and to receive commandments and he was there 40 days and nights – in the meantime the people were restless and asked Aaron to build them an idol to worship – he did so and made a bull calf from gold – all idols are made with human hands.
God was angry and wanted to destroy the people but Moses pleaded with him and God relented.
This gives us encouragement – God does sometimes change his mind – he does listen.
Today there are still idols in people’s lives – pets, children, pop groups, books. hobbies and many more things which are “worshipped” and take thoughts away from worship of God.
William Cowper wrote a hymn – O for a closer walk with God – verse 5 says
“The dearest idol I have known, whate’er that idol be,
help me to tear it from Thy throne,
and worship only Thee”
Jesus said “worship the Lord your God and serve only him”
Try to see the dangers and don’t let idols take over in your life.

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