Bible Study Wednesday 8th October 2014

Another interesting evening led by Edwin Ashforth – this time the subject was Bathsheba (another beautiful woman) and King David.
2 Samuel Ch.11 v 1 – 27
We must remember that Soloman’s scribes are writing this about his Father and Mother.
Verse 1 tells us that in the spring Kings went off to war – David the warrior King sent Joab with the army but he stayed in Jerusalem – we are not told why. He walked on his roof and saw Bathsheba bathing, and sent messengers to “get her”. This was not love at first sight – she was not invited she was fetched – this was a King seeing a lovely woman and wanting her. They lay together and then she went home. Later she told David she is pregnant. He sent for her husband who is with the army and told him to go home and sleep with his wife, but Uriah slept on the steps, David then got him drunk and again told him to go home to his wife but Uriah did not do so. Then David asked Joab to put Uriah in front of the army so he will be killed, which he did.    When Bathsheba heard that her husband is dead she went into mourning but when this time was over,    again David had her brought to his palace and she became his wife, and bore him a son

BUT ………..           to be continued on 22nd October.
v 27 “The thing that David had done displeased the Lord”

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