Sunday 8th June 2014

Pentecost              Whitsuntide
20 of us from Tapton joined the churches of the West Branch of the former Sheffield Christian Education Council for a joyful service at Wesley Hall, Crookes, each church taking a part during the service.
Leader : Darryl Lomas
Readings:    Keith Bradley    Acts 1:  4-8  Acts 2: 1-4
Rev. John Simms then gave a talk.
Nobody likes to wait – but the waiting was now over – 50 days since Jesus’s resurrection – Pentecost – the power came down from High – a rushing mighty wind, tongues of fire.
Was it worth waiting for?
Power is important – trying to live without power is no good. Today – Pentecost – is the day of power. We need to be “plugged in” to the power of the Lord.
Pippa, Mary and Anne-Marie then entertained us with piano/violin and solo.
Darryl reflected on Whitsuntide in “the old days”. Getting up early to “peg up” in the park. New clothes. Gathering at church to walk to the park with our banner and meeting up with other churches and their bands. The May Queens and the singing. Then back to church for games and tea.
Whitsuntide used to be a big day which we all looked forward to – times have changed but it is still a big day for us all. We still meet together as one family.
We sang all 8 hymns on the sheet and were well ready for the cup of tea afterwards.

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