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Sunday worship 26th August 2018

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Led By Rev. Liz Maitland

Liz is the Chaplain for a Hospice Chaplaincy linked through Tapton for the Congregational Federation.

Readings Romans 8:12-17  &  John 3:1-17

We join Nicodemus and Jesus Christ having a heart to heart conversation.  The reference to darkness in John relates to not knowing and complication.

Nicodemus asks a question but after the conversation was it any clearer to him?

WE are faced with many questions that do not have an answer.  Why has it happened? What’s my life meant? What happens when I die?

Was Nicodemus testing a theory that Jesus was from God, wanting to know the mystery of miracles. How did he understand being ‘born again’?

God loves us like a parent and a new born child.  Abba Father, we are children of God.  Nicodemus was asking if God was happy with the direction he was taking?

We can all continuously wrestle with questions but not arrive in any place of certainty.






7th September 2018

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

The talk on the rise and fall of music halls has been cancelled.  Sorry folks.

Sunday 12th August 2018

Monday, August 13th, 2018

Leader :Margaret Wells

Travels/Journeys   whether on a holiday, business trip, commute to work or just out and about we all are on a journey   -life is a journey    Wherever we are going we need to be prepared and organized –  some journeys are straightforward  others more complicated.   In the Bible there are many stories of journeys   Exodus 12 v 31 we hear of the journey Moses had to take to lead the people out of Egypt  – God told them how to prepared and what they should do. Mary & Joseph took a journey when they set off for Bethlehem on Gods advice.  Jesus travelled many miles doing His Father’s work but his last journey Luke 19 v28 was riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

We are travellers with God  do we do His work ?

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Tapton is open as usual for services at 2.45p.m on a Sunday   but sorry no blog due to holidays