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Sunday 29th April 2018

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Leader: Darryl Lomas       Laughter in Church

At Tapton we start our Easter thoughts on Palm Sunday and carry on through the week with meditations and services all of which have a rather depressing theme as we build up our thoughts to the tragic events on Good Friday  however things change on Easter Sunday  when we are joyful  – He is Risen.    On other Sundays when we arrive in the building we are happy , we greet one another and we laugh together  but when the service begins a sombre mood develops and continues until the service is over and we meet again in the schoolroom over a cuppa and laugh.    In Eccclesiates 3 1-8  we are told  “There is a time for everything”     Tradition seems to say that the time of a church service is not the time for laughter –  why not???   Surely God and His son have a sense of humour – surely there were laughs with Christ and the people he met.  He talked about the blind leading the blind, into  a ditch,  he mentioned trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle   humour surely.   There are many many problems in this life  but laughter can help us to cope with them  –  try not to take everything seriously – try to inject humour into your life and those around you.  Not to laugh at people but to laugh with them.  You may be surprised what a difference this can make.

Sunday 22nd April 2018

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Service 2.45p.m

Leader: Suzanne Nockels

Sunday 15th April 2018

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Leader : Keith Austin

Palm 42

When you read this psalm do you feel that the author is suffering from depression or mental illness?  He says “I am depressed”  1 in 4 people has mental illness at some time in their lives  no matter how old or young.  The author says “why am I so sad?” perhaps it was because they were inward looking and did not take notice of  the world around them – Jesus said “Do not worry about tomorrow”  we all have to prepare for what may happen tomorrow but we do not need to worry about it  – the business of our mind must be stilled.

The spiritual world is beyond the natural world  – Jesus died and left the natural world for the spiritual one and then returned to the natural one.

John 16  v 12 –

Jesus refers to the Spirit of Truth who comes to guide you.

How can we find a gap between the natural and spiritual worlds?  Elijah sat in silence and heard God speak – in silence we can hear His voice  we need silence to help us fill the gap.

Spirit comes from a word meaning wind or breath  relax in silence and let God’s breath help you.

There is a verse in a hymn

A man who looks at glass   on it may stay his eye    or through it pass and then the heaven espy.

Don’t let your eye stay on the glass  – try to look through it and you will be surprised.

Sunday 8th April 2018

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Leader:  Suzanne Nockels

There are things in our daily lives which  we think are useless because they are misshapen, bad coloured,  i..e. bulbs which are strange shapes, dark colours,       eggs – nothing much to look at,   coal    black and hard,    chrysalis – ugly… but all these things change into something beautiful .  flowers,  chickens,    heat and flames, butterflies.  so it is with people..  how often we judge from outside appearance  or attitude.. but these things are often deceptive  – could be that someone is shy and withdrawn or just needing a smile of welcome – sad people can change into someone with joy in their heart.

So it was at Easter –  Luke 24  v 13 – the road to Emmaus  – two people walking from Jerusalem, full of woe, full of doubt, discussing he events  when Jesus joined them – they were so wrapped up in their troubles they did not recognize Him..   things were looking black, ugly, they were depressed  but He walked with them and eventually they knew who he was.

Let Him walk with us and whatever our mood He will listen and help us  and will eventually turn us into something beautiful for Him.

Bible Study Wednesday 4 April 2018

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Led by Keith Bradley

Theme – Wine

We considered:

  • What is wine?
  • How other religions consider wine?
  • What does the bible say?
  • Who drank wine in the bible?
  • Medicinal uses of wine.
  • A Christians attitude to wine

Easter Day Service

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Reading: Mark 16: 1-8

Suzanne opened by saying “He is risen!” and the congregation responded with “He is risen indeed!”

We were introduced to the traditional egg rolling competition representing the rolling away of the stone which sealed the tomb of Jesus. After which Suzanne posed a few  questions:

“What obstacles do we have in our lives?”

“What obstacles do we have in Crosspool and Sheffield?”

“What obstacle do we see in the world?”

Using the last line from three famous novels, Suzanne reviewed the ending of Mark’s Easter story.  Early manuscripts have Mark’s gospel ending at verse 8 and the tone of the later verses suggest a different author.

Marks original gospel left the reader hanging – in fear or in failure?

Mark provides a picture of the disciples continually messing up and never really understanding who Jesus is.

In Mark those who do recognise Jesus for who he really is are sworn to secrecy.

Is the repercussions of Jesus being raised from the dead filling his followers with fear. Will he be angry, do they fear his wrath?

Without the women at the tomb we wouldn’t have the gospel.  This wasn’t the end but the beginning. Easter is the beginning – start by participating in a Jesus led life, leaving space for things to come.  God is not done yet!