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Sunday 26th July 2015

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Leader :Margaret Wells
Reading: John 6 24-35 Jesus is the bread of life
Three of us did a short sketch. Bread – past its sell by date does not keep. Many different varieties on supermarket shelves.
We get used to one and don’t want to change
But Jesus’s bread does not go mouldy or stale and we do not want to change what he gives us.
We were told the story of a man whose wife died and a friend asked if she could pick his raspberries and make a pie for him now he is alone. He agreed and she arrived with the beautiful pie, he asked her to share it with him with a cup of tea but there was still a lot left so he went to see a lonely friend and took the pie to share. this went on until all the pie was eaten and helped several people with their loneliness.
Share Jesus with someone else not necessary to take a pie just go for a chat and cup of tea = Jesus gives us enough to eat and will also give more if we ask for it. He wants to feed us as he fed the five thousand there is always enough and to spare.
The early settlers took seeds sown into the hem of their skirts when they ventured into foreign lands so they could make bread and have food to eat, Are your seeds safe for life’s journey?
Whoever comes to Jesus and asks will be fed

Sunday 19th July 2015

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Leader : Suzanne Nockels
Mark 4 The Sower
Gods word is the seed
he breaks the husks and they grow
What has he planted in your life?
Those who have ears, let them hear”
How do lives today compare to the seed?
Q. The seed that fell on dry ground and the birds ate it
A. Things distract us, we don’t listen, other people stop us, we don’t act.
Q. the seed that fell on shallow soil
A. Lacked roots, lacked faith
Q. Seed that was swamped by thorns
A. Too much arguing, backbiting we start well and then rivalries and jealousies step in.
Q. Seed sown on fertile soil
A. It thrived because it was receptive, obedient, and loving
Isaiah 5 The vineyard
Didn’t meet expectations and caused disappointment.
Things sometimes do not work out as planned as with the sower to lose precious seed to the birds is disappointing.
For some people life can be a disappointment
We wonder why we did something, or why we said something.
We waste time
What we dream to be and what we actually are often different.
People let us down and we are disappointed
We can be disappointed in ourselves.
Are we sometimes disappointed in God – do we question ?? Do we ask “where are you”
Which soil are you ?? Hard ground or fertile soil?
God sows the seed – will it grow in you or be eaten by birds, or choked with thorns or will it flourish?
Gods ways are not our ways we cannot always see things clearly.
Good can come out of bad – we must have hope. Hard soil can be cultivated and turned into good soil.
We must have hope

Sunday 12th July 2015

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Leader: Rev. Alan Hindmarch
Readings: 2 Sam. 66 1-19
Ephesians 1 3-14
mark 6 1-29
David was dancing before the ark wearing only an Epoh (type of loin cloth)
What is “correct” in church? Organ music, guitars,laughter, silence, dancing?? Are still in Victorian times in our churches?? Things have changed and should change.
Giving oneself to God – do we truly do this – do we let ourselves go??
WOW great things happen Have you a wow factor in your church life? Has our church life a wow factor in it?
Jesus died for us and rose again and is still with us surely that is a WOW
Paul gave thanks for Ephesians – would he give thanks for us?

Bible Study – 8th July

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Led by Mary Coates

Reading: Luke 24 v13ff

Mary asked us to consider the human v spiritual sides of Jesus.

Human relating to the body and spiritual to the mind

We looked at various aspects of the human side of our Saviour and then the miraculous side.

How did Jesus hide his identity from the travellers on the road to Emmaus or change his appearance at the transfiguration and at his baptism. When do we develop our spiritual side?

In Luke 23 v44 as jesus died on the cross he cried out “Father, into your hands I place my spirit”.

What a great example for us to follow, not only letting our spirit be put into God’s hands but our worries and fears in our every day lives.

Organ Recital – 4th July

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

As part of the Crospool Festival about 50 people headr the very talented John Silverton put the church organ through its paces.
John played some extremely difficult pieces with great aplomb, ably assisted by his page turner Sally Bradley

Following the recital we all enjoyed home made cakes and refreshments.

Sunday 5th July 2015

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Today we met up with friends from other churches in the Lydgate Lane Park to celebrate the Crosspool Festival with a service of thanksgiving which was led by the Bamford Singers Folk Group. This was a wonderful time together. Suzanne Nockels gave the talk.

Our afternoon service was led by Suzanne
We looked at pictures of families:
2 sisters, brother and friend
Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Jesus in the Temple “His Father’s House”

Families – so much bigger than our immediate family – Jesus shared the Passover meal with friends – his extended family. Our friends are our family there are no boundaries to how far this can stretch.

Readings; Mark 3 20 v 33 “Who is my mother, who are my brothers?”
2 Corinthians 5 11-15
Out of mind – besides yourself

There were so many in the crowd wanting to see Jesus his mother and brothers could not get near him. Does selfishness sometimes make us regardless of others needs?
The Scribes were expecting the Messiah but Jesus did not conform to their idea as to what he would be like so they thought he was out of his mind. Do our thoughts sometimes blind us to what is there in front of our eyes?
When we are “beside ourselves” we do not see or think clearly there are two versions of us God gave us Jesus who is still with us, to make us whole. When you are not coping too well – when you are beside yourself call on Him for help and he will be there with you as he promised.