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Sunday 27th July 2014

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Leader: Rev. Alan Hindmarch
Readings; Romans 8:  31 – 39
Matthew 13 31 Mustard seed
33 Yeast
44 Hidden Treasure
45 Pearl
47 Net
these are the Kingdom of Heaven
which is – far beyond – yet what we all want.
True value of life – to live in His Kingdom. Equality would be perfect but does not exist due to man’s greed and sin which separate us.
Jesus said “The Kingdom of God is here” Where Jesus is – so is the Kingdom of God. Jesus is the way, he has gone to prepare for us.
The values of The Kingdom are: caring, sharing, and love.
within us all – may you find peace and joy in these values.

Sunday 20th July 2014

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Leader: Brenda Emms
Readings: Isaiah 44 6- 8
Matthew 13 24-30 36-43
Psalm 47 The Lord is awesome

Recognize how powerful God is -he knows all things.
Sing praises to God
Why do people go to church ?
Is it a warm & nice place? Feels friendly? good for meeting friends?
Come and know you are worshipping God – have confidence in Jesus Christ. Ponder on the empty cross.
Love is the key. John 3 v16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son”
Isaiah 44 Thus says the Lord “I am the first and the last … there any other God but me? No there is no other rock”
Peter tell us “The Lord is good – come to him.
Wheat v weeds- good seed can be overrun by weeds – shine forth – overcome the weeds.
We have to want to walk with God – we need to come together to worship Him.
Remember who he is
Really know him.

Sunday Service 13th July 2014

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Service led by John Silverton and Darryl Lomas.

Romans ch8 v18
St Luke ch6 v36

“Be Merciful”

The theme of ‘Gods mercy’ starts with God being merciful to Adam and Eve and continues right through the Bible. Like his Father, Jesus shows great mercy even asking for mercy for those responsible for his death. In his final act of mercy he gave his own life for us. forgiving and pardoning and not standing in judgement. If we are to follow the true Christian way and try to live like Jesus it means we need to be merciful like him. Being a Christian is more than avoiding bad behaviour and saying unkind words its being merciful to others. Being able to forgive not condemning and constantly finding fault. Before we start finding fault in others we should look at our own faults first…
Being Merciful, forgiving others is the true Christian way.

Sunday 6th July 2014

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Leader: Pat Moseley
Readings: Hebrews 11 1- 3 (the rest of the chapter paraphrased). Hebrews 12 1 – 2
Mark 9 v14 – 24
The “F” word FAITH
A boy with evil spirit is brought to Jesus. His father has faith that he can be healed but his faith is not strong enough.
Everything is possible for a person who has strong faith.
Faith helps us on the race of life.
In Hebrews 11 we read of all the people in the old testament who had strong faith. Some were :
ABRAHAM whose life was dominated by his faith – you don’t have to be perfect to have faith – he was not perfect but eventually was called to be the father of many nations.
DAVID was chosen to follow Saul as King – he slew Goliath without armour or weapons because he had faith in God.
MOSES doubted his faith but still God asked him to do things – he questioned God – but with God’s help he brought the people out of Egypt, but because he didn’t always have faith he was not allowed to enter the promised land.
Deuteronomy 34 v10 says “No prophet has risen in Israel like Moses”
Is the Bible relevant today???? The bible is full of “ordinary” people – such as we are – they had faith – Yes it is relevant. If our faith is not strong enough then we must ask, as the boy’s father did – “I believe, but help me in my unbelief”.