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Sunday 23rd February 2014

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Leader: Susannah Youdan (ably assisted in parts by her son Jamie)
Reading: John 13 “Jesus washes the Disciples feet”
If you walk on a beach with bare feet you get sand between your toes, so it was in Jesus time they wore sandals or went barefoot and so servants (the lowest of the low) washed their feet on arrival at their destination. But on this occasion Jesus, their Master, took the place of a servant and washed their feet.
Susannah sang a beautiful solo
“Show us how to serve, fill us with love”
we are called to serve, to love others, to do God’s will.
We can serve in church by lending a hand when needed.
We can pray for others.
Sharing the Good News is serving.
God has prepared us to serve where it matters – Are you ready to serve him, and others ??

Thanks to Tom Lomas for coming to play the organ (and piano)

Bible discussion Wednesday 19th February 2014

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

People were asked to bring passages they wished to discuss.
l Corinthians 13 – v 11, 12
“When I was a child …..when I became a man ….. Now we see but a poor reflection then shall we see clearly” there was a long discussion about childish beliefs and how they affected our adult beliefs – talk about blurred reflections what we see and what we think we see.
Then we moved on to
Luke 5 17 -25 Jesus healed the paralysed man because his friends had faith and lowered him through the roof. Discussion followed re the power of faith to heal -these friends had strong enough belief that Jesus would heal they risked ridicule to get their friend to him some believers still have the power to heal – belief is a strong power.
Then Isaiah 11 1 A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse – a prophesy repeated by Jesus – not a shoot from King David who was the son of Jesse. This shoot was not coming as a King he was coming as a humble man such as Jesse. Isaiah 53 1 – 6 v5 reads “he was crushed for our iniquities” The tender shoot, the humble man died for us.
All the discussions were in someway or another linked together even though brought by different people. They gave food for thought.

16th February 2014

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Leader: Brian Jones
Readings: Psalm 1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked ……
Luke 18 v 9 The Pharisee and the tax collector parable. “All who make themselves great will be humbled and those who are humble will be great”.
Matthew 5 1 – 12 Sermon on the Mount.
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled”.
Hunger – there are many today who are desperate for food – who know real hunger as in the time Jesus was talking many would know what it was to be hungry – no work – no food.
Thirst – we are lucky – most of the time our water is on tap – but there are many in the world who have to drink stagnant water or even do not have any water at all and have to walk miles to get it. In Jesus’ time people walked miles, often over areas where there was no water, so wells were very appreciated. The knew what it was like to be thirsty.
Jesus threw down the challenge for his disciples -he called them to follow him and then he started to teach them his ways, to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and their thirst to know him, so it is with us – he calls us and then teaches us – we have to learn to grow like him, those who hunger and thirst will be filled – not just satisfied with small amounts – they will be FILLED.
Hunger and thirst for righteousness and you WILL be filled.”

Soup and Roll Club – 6 February 2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

2014 is the Centenary of the first World War and for the first Soup and Roll Club of the year we were treated to a very interesting and relevant talk by Paul Clark from Hillsborough Tabernacle Church on his family involvement in the war.

He made his talk come to life with photos and memorabilia from the war.

Sunday 9th February 2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Leader: Jonathan Youdan
Readings: John 3 1-13
“Jesus & Nicodemus
Romans 2 17-29
“The Jews & The Law”
“Be born again” why did Nicodemus come in the night?? He was well versed in the Law and yet he came to Jesus to ask questions. He did not understand what was being said then, but later he spoke up for Jesus, he was asking “does the law judge a man without hearing” and the next time he is mentioned he is with Joseph of Arimathaea openly admitting his belief.
Born again – when a baby is in the womb it is happy, warm, no wants, no knowledge of the outside world, but no choice – when the baby is born it has all these things but it now has choice too. When we are without Christ we are seemingly happy but we have a choice and when we choose him we have new birth – we are filled with a new spirit, we have a new start as disciples of Christ.
When seed lands on good soil it grows but not always immediately – sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months and sometimes years – as it is with our new birth sometimes we see a difference almost immediately sometimes as with Nicodemus our change is slow.
There are many ways to be born again – all are equally valid. But when born again we start to live – grow – learn – being born again is an exciting beginning.

Bible Study Wednesday 5th February 2014

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Leader : Jean Bradley
When Moses and the Israelites were almost at Canaan Moses was intending to keep going but God spoke to him and advised sending spies first to check out the land so Moses chose 12 men one from each tribe ( Numbers 13 v 1 – 25). When they returned ten of the men said that Moses should not enter the land but Joshua and Caleb believed that the Lord was with them and wanted to go on. God was angry with the ten men and they died of plague (Numbers 14 v 37) he was also displeased with the Israelites and said that those who had murmured against him from 20 yrs old nor Moses would enter the land (Numbers 14 26-31) only Joshua and Caleb and the younger ones could do this.
We humans are extremely small compared to so many other things in the world and yet we have such an influence on events if God asks us to do something and we firmly believe in Him.
When the Israelites rejected God and served Baalim and Asheroth he was angry with them and punished them (Judges 3 v7) but when they cried to him he sent a saviour in the form of Othniel (Judges 3 v9) who was just one man who made such a difference because God was with him.
God uses just one person many times to save his people (eg Jonah) he can use you for his work if you will listen to him and let him. It is His light shining through us that glorifies God and draws others to him (Matt 5 v 16)
When others look at our life it is more important that they see God – not us (Poh Fang Chia)

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Leader: Rev. Alan Hindmarch
Readings: Micah 6 1-8 written approx. 700 yrs before Christ. In the days when a goat was chosen to bear the sins of the people and was taken into the desert and left there to die (Scapegoat) the man who took it had to be cleansed when he returned.
1 Corinthians 1 18-31
Matthew 5 1 – 12 “The Sermon on the Mount”
What does God require of us? To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with him.
Act justly, look for truth,
Love mercy – forgive as we are forgiven.
Walk humbly – don’t be a “know it all”
Be simple minded – we cannot possibly know everything – we cannot have all the answers – we need to believe in Him and live our lives in Him.
Christ chose 12 men not because they were well educated or of high rank – they were humble and they learned of Him. They were able to pass on the truth of God.
We are all part of His family – His kingdom – may we walk with Him.
The service was followed by Holy Communion.