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Sunday 26 May 2013 – Service led by Suzannah Youdan

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Everyone welcome to attend at 2:45pm

Theme: The Holy Spirit.

Susannah Youdan led the service bringing her best wishes and prayers from Mayfield Chapel.

Susannah led the congregation in a beautiful prayer, part sung part read. (Mission praise 908 “Oh lord Hear my Prayer”.)

The Holy Sprit
Susannah shared her experiences of the Holy Spirit working through her. She highlighted many stories in the bible where the Holy Spirit is mentioned and read from
John Ch. 4 V. 1-26
Acts Ch. 2 V. 1-15

When we feel so down and lost and feel nothing can be done we have a chance to ask for help from God “ Dear Lord please help me…”. the Holy Spirit will move in our lives and little by little things will brighten. People you haven’t seen for a while might call, good news may come your way. When the Holy Spirit moves something is going to happen. When we hear bad news stories from across the world and feel powerless to help we always have prayer. Through the power of prayer the Holy Spirit will move and will change things.
We pray that the Holy Spirit keeps moving from the disciples who were first given its power through to future generations and into the future.
Try a prayer today and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, what have you got to loose?

Bible Study – 22 May 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Led by Neil Finlay
Theme – What Jesus Christ tells us.

Readings considered:
2 Timothy Ch 3: v15-16 – the Holy Scriptures give wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All scripture is Spiritually given by God.
Matthew Ch 20: – parable of the workers in the vineyard, the owner rewards the workers with the same wage despite working for different periods. Entry to the Kingdom of God can be achieved at any point in time.
Luke Ch 15: v11ff The prodigal son – the father representing our heavenly father welcomes back the ‘lost’ son. It was felt by those present that public sympathies would lie with the son who was left behind on the farm and with those workers who toiled all day but were paid only the same as those who worked for one hour.
This illustrates clearly scripture is from God and we need to look at the word in such a manner, not in an earthly way.
We must learn not to be resentful – forgive and show love and mercy, fruits of the Spirit.

Christian life is not the easy option.

Matthew Ch 5 v1-12 Sermon on the Mount – illustrates the point clearly and in Isaiah Ch 55 v8-9 all pride is removed because we cannot understand based on earthly values.
Can we think our way to God? No We must pray and wait for the answer to be revealed.
Summed up in the phrase “Let Go – Let God!”

West Branch Whit Sing Sunday 19th May 2013

Monday, May 20th, 2013

On Sunday 19th May, there was no service at Tapton as members of the church joined with other churches from the West Branch of the Sheffield Christian Education Council (SCEC) for a joyful service at Wesley Hall, Crookes.

The service was organised and led by Darryl Lomas, Secretary at Tapton. Greetings were brought by Hilary Jones Chair of Montgomery Arts Christian Centre in Sheffield (formerly SCEC) who spoke on birth and parenting referring to the parent body of the West Branch of the SCEC.

The reading by Keith Bradley from Tapton was taken from Acts 2: v1-21

The address was given by Nel Shallow from Stephen Hill who compared children leaving home with departure of Jesus at Pentecost.

Andy Wilcock from Hampden View led the prayers.

Following the service, the members of Tapton returned to their church for a tea provided by Mary Coates. The tea was to commemorate the fond memories of older members who recalled the days when the Whit Sing took place in Weston Park, and teas were taken in the field opposite the church, when returning from the Park.

Tapton members have always played a major part in the Whit Sing, staking and roping off Weston Park for the churches to assemble before the service was moved indoors at Wesley Hall.

Centenary stone laying service – Saturday 18th May 2013

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

An excellent celebration of 100 years worship of God in the current building with a nearly full church. Members of the church were joined by friends from a number of other churches, both local and from across Yorkshire. The service was organised and Chaired by Mrs Jean Bradley suitably attired in period dress, she unveiled a wonderful piece of artwork by Jane from Gainsboro, representing the original stone laying ceremony and based on newspaper articles. Although the foundation stone cannot be identified, the theme of the day was ‘a firm foundation’.

In front of the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Vickie Priestley and her Consort, the church was honoured to hear from Rev. Malcolm Muir, the Immediate Past President of the Congregational Federation (or his preferred title of retiring President only last Saturday) and Betty Bentham, the Chairperson of the NE Area of the Congregational Federation. Candles specially prepared for the centenary year were presented to the mayor and guest speakers.

The Lord Mayor informed the congregation that she had only been installed last Wednesday and spoke warmly on the many functions she will be expected to attend during her term of office and why she had chosen to attend the church.

Rev Muir gave a potted history of Congregationalism and referred to the bravery of those dissenters who gave their lives many years ago. He spoke on the 1972 split of Congregational churches and the formation of the United Reformed Church (URC) but referred to the ethos of those Congregational churches who did not join the URC, run by the members led by the Holy Spirit through the Church Meeting. Those independent churches coming together in the Congregational Federation which consists of 300+ independent churches such as Tapton.
Rev Muir took a small wooden flame from the communion table in the church and explained that the previous weekend he had attended the Congregational Federation May Assembly in Tunbridge Wells. The flame is one of eight forming a larger Flame sculpture representing the fire of the Holy Spirit, created for the 2011 May Assembly and circulated around Federation churches. He explained that Tapton had been granted special permission to retain the flame and it was the only flame missing from the overall sculpture at this year’s annual Assembly but the need for Tapton to retain the flame for their centenary service was recognised.

Betty Bentham gave an interesting view of her early years attending Sheffield Wednesday football matches with her boyfriend. She went on to relate a story of an Australian football team which following years of struggling with small crowds and no financial certainty started to win all their games. The crowds started to turn up and tickets were like gold dust. One day the cameras were at one of their biggest games of the season and as they panned around the crowd at yet another sell out match, they picked on one youth carrying a banner. ‘I was here alone when we were struggling, where were you?’ Betty said it can be easy when things are going well but remember Our Lord is always available to support in all circumstances.

Organist John Silverton played a wonderful piece of music on the pipe organ which although not installed in 1913 is integral to the services at the church.

Mrs Pat Seedhouse gave an emotional account of how her family had been involved in the life of the church and how she had come into possession of three silver trowels given to her relatives at the original stone laying ceremony.

Mr Darryl Lomas explained his roots are in the church, with many family connections. His grandparents had attended the church, his parents were married at the church, he had been Christened at the church before getting married there, his son was Christened at the church and latterly also married there. He stated the congregation was like a large family, not always in agreement, but united together in Christ.

The service concluded with a splendid church tea!

Ascension Day Sunday 12th May 2013

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Leader : Pat Moseley
Readings: Acts 1 v 3-15
Many times in the 40 days after his death Jesus proved he was alive.
Psalm 139 v 1 – 6
“Lord you know me”

We were each given a twig to focus our thoughts on. Some had thorns.

1. Does it remind you of Jesus?
We were told the story of three trees when chopped down were made into The Manger, A boat and the Cross.
2. Is it a problem? How can you get rid of it? – are you stuck with it? We all have some sort of problem – we all know someone with a problem
can we get rid of it?, can we help them to get rid of theirs?
Have faith Trust in God
Jesus is still alive ask him for help.

Centenary celebration service – Saturday 18th May

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

At 2.30pm the church will be holding a Foundation Stone Laying memorial celebration service with a visit from The Lord Mayor, President of the Congregational Federation and Chairperson of the North East Area of the Congregational Federation. The service will be followed by a buffet
All are welcome to attend but if you intend joining us for the buffet then please let Keith Bradley know on Mob: 07585 795969.

Bible Discussion 8th May 2013

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Leader jean Bradley
Psalm 121 “My help comes from The Lord” this is to be a busy year at Tapton which will bring joy but also worries and we need to keep uppermost in our minds that God is our refuge and strength , we have to support one another at all times, pray and do our very best for him, and give him the glory.

Sunday 5th May 2013

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Who is your neighbour?
Leader: Jonathan Youdan
Readings: Deuteronomy Ch24 v17-22, Hebrews Ch13 v1-9, Luke Ch10 v25ff

Jonathan related the story of the Good Samaritan but based the story in a Sheffield context. The story at the time was intended to cause offence to some in the audience.

In the reading Jesus refers to a Samaritan, one of the most despised races by the Jews at the time, but this highlights the need to avoid prejudice and jealousies and not judge a book by the cover.

Hebrews calls on us to be hospitable with strangers made welcome for they may be an angel!


Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

This is to be a ticket only event
Tickets are now on sale for the concert to be given by the Sheffield Folk Chorale on Saturday 22nd June at 7.30p.m.
£6 in aid of Chernobyl children.
As numbers are limited it is advisable to book early
ring 2308085