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EASTER SUNDAY 31st March 2013

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Leader : Susannah Youdon
A small boy in a remote village in Africa was given a chocolate Easter egg by an aid worker and she explained the meaning of eggs at Easter as the start of new life/new beginnings but did not tell him what to do with it. He lovingly held the gold foil covered object but it soon melted and when he licked his fingers he realised how good it was and shared with others in the village.
“Something good had to be broken to be shared”
Reading Genesis 50 v 15 – 21 Joseph forgave his brothers
Luke 24 1- 12 Women were not recognized in society at that time and were not believed when they said what they had seen.
13 – 35 On the road to Emmaus
“They recognized The Lord”

We then took Holy Communion together

Luke 24 v 36 – 50
Jesus appeared again – and gave the message to his disciples and to all of us to “Preach to all nations in my name about repentance and the forgiveness of sins”