Tapton Hill Congregational Church
An independent church founded in 1853 - A member of the Congregational Federation  
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What happens in a church service?

Worship at the Tapton  is straightforward and informal. Our services are typical of that found in 'free' churches in that they are basically a 'hymn sandwich' - this means that in between singing hymns there will be prayers led by the preacher, readings from the bible and a message or sermon.

When do services take place?

We worship every Sunday at 2.45pm, there are also other services on special days such as Christmas Day and Good Friday for example. Sunday worship lasts for about an hour, special services are often shorter.

Who leads the worship?

Services are led by our Minister or  visiting preachers from other churches and sometimes by church members. 

What does the congregation have to say or do?

During the prayers we close our eyes and bow our heads, listening to the words that are being prayed by the preacher. At the end of the prayers at the beginning of the service we all say the words of the Lord's prayer together.

At the end of any other prayers we just say 'Amen' which means 'so be it'. There are not any scripted responses from the congregation.

At the very end of the service we may say 'The Grace' together as follows:
The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all ever more, Amen.
We turn and look at each other as we say this. 
We are accompanied on the organ. We don't generally bounce up and down or wave our arms about but feel free to do this if that's how you feel! The hymns are a collection of old favourites and more modern ones. 

The Collection

There is a collection for the work of the church before the service and a box is available at the rear of church for contributions. We no longer pass the box amongst the congregation.If you are a visitor feel free to contribute or not, it's up to you and we won't  take offence if you don't. It doesn't matter how little or how much you put in the box - no one is looking and no one will make any assumptions about you if they do.


Communion is when we take bread and wine in remembrance of what Jesus told his disciples to do at his last supper with them. We have communion on the first sunday of the month and at other special occasions. Unlike some churches we welcome everyone to take communion. If you are attracted to Jesus and his message, and would be moved by him then you are welcome to take part.  Please don’t exclude yourself because of some idea that you are not allowed to or you are not good enough. It doesn't matter if you’re not a ‘committed’ Christian, as long as you have a positive view of Jesus, and an open mind we want you to share communion with us. Jesus welcomed everybody and so do we.

We stay in our seats and the preacher will say a few words before handing a plate of bread to two other church members who will pass these round to everybody. Please eat the bread as soon as you get it as Jesus died for you, then we will drink the wine together once it's been handed out (this includes the preacher). Alternative non alcoholic drink is available.

At the end of the service
The service generally concludes with an organ voluntary after which people stay around for a bit of a chat and often there are refreshments on offer.

Welcoming new faces
We will do our very best to make you feel welcome.
We will always talk to new faces in a friendly way and we never quiz people about their beliefs or their plans. But we also recognise that some people when they visit a church for the first time don't really want to talk too much so we try to get the balance right.  No one is ever put under any pressure though of course please don't think that this means that we wouldn't be pleased to see you next week!Some people only attend services occasionally and this too is fine. No one ever gets told off for not coming to church often enough!
Soup and Roll Club meets every first Thursday in the month.
Everyone welcome  -  From 11.30am to 1.30pm
Bible Study alternate Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Table tennis social and natter on the other Wednesdays.
RASCALS Breakfast Club Monday - Friday 7am to 8.30am
RASCALS After School Club - Weekdays in termtime
see diary for more information