Tapton Hill Congregational Church
An independent church founded in 1853 - A member of the Congregational Federation  
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Deacons are church members elected to a leadership role by the whole church for a limited period. They have a pastoral concern for all church members as well as discussing other church business matters. They don't take decisions, that can only be done by the Church Meeting, made up of all church members which is the ultimate authority in the church, but they sometimes present the Church Meeting with questions or recommendations that have arisen from their discussions.  They play a vital role in helping to shape the vision of where the church is going, and offering advice and feedback. Many of our older church members have been Deacons in the past but they are keen that the church is now led by a new generation. There are currently three deacons:

Keith Bradley
A lifelong church member, Keith currently holds the position of Treasurer as well as occasionally leading bible studies and worship. He is responsible for the fabric of the building and web site.
Enjoys gardening at the church.
Also occasionally assists Darryl at the evening soup kitchen in the city


Darryl Lomas
Darryl is a lifelong member of the church and became Church Secretary in 2013. He leads services and Bible studies as well as producing the monthly 'What's On' and looking after all posters and banners within the church.  He is a voluntary worker with amongst other organisations- HARC a homeless charity and the city centre soup kitchen. His other interests include sport, pantomime and music. 
Sheila Lomas
Sheila, a lifelong church member, runs the Soup and Roll club which takes place on the first Thursday of each month. She makes sure that elderly church members, and soup and roll club members, are thriving and able to attend. She leads a jolly team of volunteers at Soup and Roll. Sheila has also been recognised for the many voluntary activities she is involved with in the community.

Joanne McClean
Joanne, another lifelong member of the church, looks after hall bookings and is a Junior Church Leader and is very involved in ensuring Lego Church and Afternoon Tea Service run smoothly. She is the Christian Aid representative and plays an important role in fund raising.  Away from church she enjoys reading, gardening and walking.


Soup and Roll Club 

RASCALS Breakfast Club Monday - Friday 7am to 8.30am
RASCALS After School Club - Weekdays in term time
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