Tapton Hill Congregational Church
An independent church founded in 1853 - A member of the Congregational Federation  

Upcoming events

All our current activities at Tapton on our Tapton facebook page  and on the 'Activities page' of this web site.

Tapton Hill Advent Calendar
In previous years, during the Christmas period we have a Gift Sunday for nominated charities.  This year the church is trying a new approach by erecting an Advent Wall with 24 boxes and instead of removing surprises we are asking people to bring gifts for two local charities: Ben's Centre in the city centre and The Good Hope Centre for victims of domestic abuse.
Gifts  to include: Tea, coffee, long life milk, rice, pasta, dried food products, ladies toiletries, make up, underwear and socks.

We hope this will make Christmas a happier time for someone.

War Memorial

At this time when the country is marking 100 years since the end of WW1, it was recognised that Crosspool did not have a war memorial. Crosspool Forum believe this should be rectified and on Sunday the 11th November the church held a service to launch an appeal towards the erection of a memorial stone in the church grounds.  
This will be a memorial to all who have died or served in any conflict. It will not carry their names but a book of remembrance for Crosspool residents has been opened.

Who are we?

As a Congregational Church we are independently run by the members through our Church Meetings, where Spirit led we can all have a say in how we feel is the best way to worship 
our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

We meet for worship each Sunday at 2.45pm for services led by the Rev 
Suzanne Nockels our Minister, visiting ministers or lay preachers.

Everyone is welcome to join us as we also meet for other activities including 
regular prayer and bible study during the week. (see Church Diary page for 

Although independent we belong to the Congregational Federation and are part of Churches Together in Hallam who we occasionally join for ecumenical fellowship 

We are pleased to also offer a home to the Greek Orthodox Community in Sheffield.



This was also produced in Sheffield. This was grown in my back garden. Do you like cauliflower? It was the first cauliflower I have ever grown. I was so pleased that I took this photo of it and put it on Facebook. I had more comments on it than anything else. According to my friends on social media they are really hard to grow. Who knew? Perhaps I have green fingers after all. I began to take pride in my horticultural abilities. I am a master cauliflower grower!

But I’m honest it probably had more to do with the right sort of weather, good soil and that miracle of seed becoming a plant becoming produce. That’s the danger of pride. We start to claim achievements that are not completely our own. I think I’ve cooked a great meal but some of the ingredients have been produced by fantastic farmers and factory workers I’ve never even met let alone said thank you to. We can pride in all sorts of harvests….the harvest of a great piece of work, the harvest of a loving family, the harvest of something we’ve got off the ground, the harvest of a win at sport. Very, very rarely is it all down to us. When the Christian faith was still very new some Christians started boasting about who had achieved the most, who had grown the Christian community the most, one writer Paul put it like this…

‘I planted the seed, Apollos watered it but God kept it growing’ (1 Corinthians 3:6).  

Paul could have said “it’s all down to me- I am the master-Church grower!’- He didn’t

Harvest is a time of thankfulness when we remember that what we possess in life is not necessarily there because of our own ingenuity or hard-work. Some of the most basic things such food, shelter and social provision are there because of other people- farmers, fishermen, metal-workers….the list is huge and ultimately a God who ‘keeps it growing’. I did my bit with my cauliflower but I believe that God has somehow created a world that also produces food for all its creatures. None of us harvest alone. It is about giving thanks where its due and not claiming all the praise ourselves. So where might you be guilty of claiming harvests that are not completely your own? Where do you forget that other people, maybe unseen people, have also played a part in that good thing?

Praise God for the harvests in our lives.





Soup and Roll Club meets every first Thursday in the month.
Everyone welcome  -  From 11.30am to 1.30pm
Bible Study alternate Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Table tennis social and natter on the other Wednesdays.
RASCALS Breakfast Club Monday - Friday 7am to 8.30am
RASCALS After School Club - Weekdays in termtime
see diary for more information